Color Raime Cotton Burlap 12 Compartments Jewelry Display Case Tray for Shop Store Trade Show Flea Market 35x24x3cm

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Showcasing your jewelry is important, as it allows your customers to get a clear view of the beautiful accessories that you sell.

However, more than a simple displaying of your jewelry, it is important to display them in a way that attracts the potential customers to your shop.

These display cases are ideal for jewellers and boutiques, as well as those who want to look after their jewellery at home. This beautiful display case has several compartments to make it easy to display different jewellery types.

  • Color Cotton Burlap covered wooden jewelry display case.
  • Lined beige velvet to add elegance to your jewelry.
  • Easily remove the tray from the showcase to allow customers to view your jewelry from the counter-top.
  • Ideal to showcase your jewelry to increase sales.
  • 12 Compartment (3 x 4)
  • Compartment Frame is removable

4 Colors Available:
  • - Fuchsia
  • - Blue
  • - Yellow
  • - Cyan

Case Size: 13.78"L x 9.45"W x 1.18"H (35x24x3cm)
Compartment Size: 3.15"x2.75"x0.9" (8x7*2.3cm)